'My Shadow Archetype'

This project explores the various roles women inhabit. Each of us have different energies or archetypes, yet we often express ourselves within 1-3 roles. By bringing these shadow roles into the light, we unlock additional resources and energy, fostering a sense of completeness and satisfaction.


The aim of my project is to provide an opportunity to experience new roles and acknowledge different facets of oneself. The ideas are endless; feel free to share your vision and ideas.


*7 of 8 presented pics are from Pinterest

Rate as Individual Photoshoot



Individual Photoshoot

Up to 1 Hour + All Original Images + 20 edited

After the photoshoot you get all original jpg photos (slightly light corrected) and 20 edited (color corrected and retouched if necessary). 


Yoga Photoshoot

Up to 1,5 Hour + All original jpg Images + Up to 50 color edited

Yoga photoshoot with professional yoga instructor who will help you to do a perfect pose.


Couple Photoshoot

Up to 1 Hour & 15 minutes + All original Images + 20 edited 

After the photoshoot you get all original jpg photos and 20 or more edited images of your choice (color corrected and slightly retouched if necessary).

*Travel outside of NYC area is $100/hour fee (except Catskills area)

*RAW images are $1,500